Software (for research and teaching)

Programs are written in Fortran 77, 90 or 95 languages, and have been tested in Windows, Linux, and/or MacOS operating systems (both 32- and 64-bit platforms).

If available, source codes must be compiled with the GNU Fortran Compiler v.4.7 or later. Feel free to contact with me for specific compiled versions.

There is not warranty that programs are error free. Comments on bugs are certainly welcome (

Latest versions

  • DCBSP v.5.07

    Dairy cattle simulation program to teach animal breeding principles associated with selection for multiple traits in dairy cattle (genomic evaluation implemented from version 5.0 onwards).

    Last update: 20/APR/2016.

  • GEAMM v.1.06

    Versatile software to analyze appropriately normalized gene expression data by a heteroskedastic mixed model, and allowing for both discrete and continuous effects in the model.

    Last update: 20/AGO/2008.

  • PaGELL v.1.05

    Flexible program to analyze (right-censored) longevity data in livestock populations, with a special emphasis on the genetic evaluation of the breeding stock.

    Last update: 10/SEP/2016.

  • SNP+ v.1.02

    Straightforward tool to calculate the dropout rate when genotyping low-quality samples for biallelic SNP markers (this also provides the minimum number of replicates).

    Last update: 10/MAY/2018.

  • TRDscan v.2.00

    Fortran program to calculate transmission ratio distortion on a allele and haplotype basis.

    Last update: 28/MAY/2022.